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At Solar All Over, our employees are our life-blood. All employees are equally important to our mission. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience at very affordable prices. We want to help homeowners make the switch from fossil fuels to clean, renewable, solar energy. Our goal is to make “going-solar” a fast and simple experience. Our employees are the concrete foundation upon which great customer experiences are built!

Do you want to become a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world? The visionaries that founded Solar All Over are as experienced as they come. Our company was started by four very unique individuals, each of them having vastly different skill-sets. Yet each one of them happened upon the solar industry just as it was starting to blossom. Each of them knew they immediately found their true calling in life. They all have worked for various solar companies in the past and each found common ground on one thing: The Solar Industry was lacking companies who genuinely cared for their customers; these companies prioritized pushy, unethical sales people pocket’s over customer satisfaction and well-being.

The founders of Solar All Over knew that the most successful businesses in history have a few things in common. They are always Customer Oriented: the customer should always come first, customer satisfaction is the number one goal; they seek to hire the best talent available; they have a positive company culture and a singular vision! We are hyper focused on saving homeowners money, helping them save money by making the switch to solar power. Going-Solar with us means a fast, simple and enjoyable experience. The happier the customers are the more successful Solar All Over employees are!